About Us

Hi there, Welcome to Harmonie Workshop!

We're here to design and make sustainable furniture modern, stylish and accessible!

Our process usually starts with an idea, a spark, an inspirational shape and ends with a beautiful original piece of furniture made from sustainable and natural materials.

Sometimes it took 3 months, sometimes it took us 2 years to develop, build and perfect a new design. And we love every minutes of the process. Here are some early sketches of what you see in the store. We adore them, do you? 

Our works reflect our believe against "fast furniture" and our passion to solve this problem by creating beautiful and eco-conscious furniture for your home! We never use cheap materials that last for couple months, impossible to repair or refurnish leading to a wasteful cycle of buying and throwing out! 

sustainable furniture

Each piece at our store is a product of original creativity, each built to last. More excitingly we make it affordable and accessible  by crafting them directly at our wood shops and our exclusive partner factories in US and Vietnam. Together we have 15 years of combined experience of making high-end furniture. 

Our team is small but our dream is big, join us in the journey to create, build and make your home functional, dreamy and filled with look-good and feel-good products. 

We're glad that you're here. Thank you for shopping with Harmonie Workshop.